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As houses are getting 'smaller', N scale is getting 'bigger' ! (G Cocks)


National N Scale Convention, Canberra, Oct 10-13

posted 1 Oct 2019, 00:13 by Graham Cocks

National N Scale Convention, Canberra, 10-13 Oct.

ONLY 9 DAYS TO GO. Almost 100 already going.

Registration is still open. Select Registration in the menu at the website - http://convention2019.nscale.org.au/

Issue 36 of NSM

posted 25 Jul 2019, 03:50 by Graham Cocks

Issue 36 of N Scale Modeller is now available for view/download - just click NSM.

Issue 35 of NSM

posted 26 Apr 2019, 17:04 by Graham Cocks

Issue 35 of N Scale Modeller is now available for view/download - just click NSM.

16th National N Scale Convention

posted 14 Feb 2019, 06:02 by Graham Cocks

The 16th National N Scale Convention will be held in Canberra on 10-14 October 2019.

Registration is now open.

Details at the Convention website - http://convention2019.nscale.org.au/

Issue 34 of NSM

posted 25 Nov 2018, 16:31 by Graham Cocks

Issue 34 of N Scale Modeller is now available for view/download - just click NSM.

Blogs Links

posted 20 May 2018, 22:14 by Graham Cocks

Some more links have been included in the Blogs page.


posted 6 May 2018, 16:30 by Graham Cocks   [ updated 7 May 2018, 05:42 ]

Podcasts has been added to the menu.  Includes a new link - What's New and Neat in N Scale.

Advise the hostmaster if you wish to include links in Facebooks, Blogs, Layouts, etc.

New Broadway Limited N scale BHP Iron Ore AC6000

posted 16 Feb 2016, 16:59 by NSMA Webmaster

Some exciting news that arrived just after the release of the latest N Scale Modeller. Broadway Limited has just announced their new N Scale GE AC6000 Locomotives with Paragon 3 Sound. Included in this release are 4 numbers of the BHP Iron Ore, two in blue/white and two in orange "bubbles" livery. More details in the Broadway Limited 2016 announcements. HO model shown for illustrative purposes.

Issue 19 of NSM

posted 22 Jun 2014, 17:56 by Graham Cocks   [ updated 22 Jun 2014, 18:09 ]

Issue 19 of N Scale Modeller is now available for download - just click NSM.

It includes a brief history of the first 10 years of T-TRAK in Australia.
Also, a promotion of the R-T-R AD60 Garratt Kickstarter project.

Passing of Jim FitzGerald, NTRAK promoter for 40 years

posted 30 Oct 2013, 01:36 by Graham Cocks

The N scale world learnt with sadness early this week that Jim FitzGerald had passed away. Jim was the President and Editor of NTRAK for 40 years. The promotion of the NTRAK modular system gave N scale a great boost in the model railway world.  An article on Jim and the influence of NTRAK on N scale modelling in Australia will be included in the next issue of NSM.

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