About "N Scale Modellers Australia"


A national N scale organisation was first mooted at the plenary session of the 1995 National N Scale Convention. An incorporated body proposal was floated during 2000 but did not gain sufficient support. Although discussed by members of the 2003 and 2005 National N Scale Convention committees, it was not until 2007 that representatives from various clubs/groups were appointed at the 10th National N Scale Convention to be members of a steering committee to investigate the forming of a cooperative national organisation. The steering committee discussed matters via email over the Internet. The findings of the steering committee were discussed at a forum at the 11th National N Scale Convention held in Canberra in October 2009 and recommendations were then presented at the plenary session. The delegates voted unanimously to form a national N scale organisation "N Scale Modellers Australia".

N Scale Modellers Australia (NSMA) is to be managed by a Secretary and a Vice-Secretary. The delegates appointed the following:

  • Secretary - Graham Cocks (SA), and
  • Vice-Secretary - Ian Sprent (NSW)
The term of Office is for two years (or Conventions span) and occupants are eligible for re-election.

Current: Secretary - Graham Cocks (SA), Vice-Secretary - David McMorran (VIC)

  • to create and maintain a portal (gateway) website for N scale modelling in Australia, and
  • to keep Convention records and recommendations for Conventions.
Contact points will be the forthcoming Convention Convenor and representatives from known recognised N scale clubs/groups/SIGs. Duties will be honorary and liaison will normally be conducted via Internet communications. The portal website will include links to such things as clubs, groups, Convention, resource sites, forums, modular systems, publications, etc. In particular, it will be the host website for the "N Scale Modeller" publication. (the initial payment will be the registration of the portal website domain name and that payment will come from the remaining community money in Australian N Scale Newsletter which published various hard-copy publications). As a way of generating a small amount of revenue to cover domain renewal and service fees, a small block Ad will be displayed beneath the menu at the homepages. Google Adsense is a free program that enables the displaying of targeted ads and to earn from valid clicks or impressions.

International Representation

Australia is represented in the International N scale scene as NSMA is a member of INGA-NET (International N-Gauge Association NETwork).

Report on Activities

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Graham Cocks
Vice-Secretary David McMorran

Vice-Secretary (2015-2019)
David Bromage

Vice-Secretary (2011-2015):
Stephen Chapman (deceased)


  Inaugural Vice-Secretary (2009-2011):
Ian Sprent
Webmaster: [email protected]