Australian Free-moN

The draft website may be viewed at Aust. Free-moN


Free-mo N scale (Free-moN) is an N scale modular railroading system that specifies standards for benchwork, track and digital control. The main features are: single main line, code 55 rail, prototypical scenery and operations, rolling stock that meets NMRA standards, and DCC control.

Variations to the Free-moN specifications to suit Australian conditions (ie metric dimensions, commercially available materials, etc) are included in the standard. The variations must be read in conjunction with the Free-moN standards.

Discussions take place at the Australian Free-moN forum.

NOTE: Following a forum discussion and agreement at the 2015 National N Scale Convention in Brisabne, a proposed unified version is to be developed to enable a way forward. Information on progress will be advised when it comes to hand. (May 2015)